CEORA™ – Professional Large-Scale Turf Care

The next-generation robotic mower, CEORA™, is the ultimate solution for all green space professionals handling large turf areas. With systematic cutting and virtual boundaries, large turf management is made easier than ever – while delivering outstanding results. CEORA™ is an autonomous mowing solution that is changing the world of commercial turf care. This ground-breaking innovation is easy to use and has a very large area capacity. It’s also low in noise and emission-free when in use.

Covering more turf than ever

When it comes to handling large turf areas, CEORA™ leaves nothing to be desired. Easily covering areas up to 75,000m² and exceeding demands on time, turf quality and usability.

Rain or Shine

Cutting both turf and costs

Compared to traditional mowing of larger areas, CEORA™ offers an opportunity for more sustainable and cost-efficient operations with significant savings on labour and equipment costs.

Neighbourhood friendly

Systematic mowing

Cutting systematically in parallel tracks means CEORA™ is equally efficient whether managing football pitches or any other large green space. Cutting frequently, & with high precision.

Our Work

We are very proud to have installed the first Ceora™ at a school premises and only the 6th in the UK! The Ceora™ is set to mow 3 areas which are approx 17,500 m².

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